Unity Plumbing, Heating, Water Conditioning, and Air Conditioning Services

  • Our technicians have in-depth knowledge of the equipment we install, so you can decide based on facts.
  • Our staff know the code requirements in the jurisdictions we serve, assuring that the job will be estimated correctly.
  • All estimates are actual prices with detailed information about the installation; you’ll never have any surprises about the cost of the job.
  • Call us today and let us put together a plumbing system or the heating and cooling system that works best for you.
  • We do complete in home water treatment - including full house RO systems.
  • Licensed gas fitters for both Residential and Commerical projects.



We can handle all of your plumbing problems from basic repairs, to more involved diagnosis and repair of those hard to find leaks. 

Heitt's Plumbing & Heating excels in delivering the utmost quality throughout the pre-construction, construction and post-construction & maintenance stages.



Up to 50% of your home's energy costs may go toward heating and cooling, so we take time to fully inform you about how to reduce energy consumption with higher-efficiency system options.

Whatever your reasons for considering a new furnace purchase, Heitt's Heating & Plumbing will help you make the best choice for your home and your budget.


Air Conditioning

Even if your air conditioner is only a few years old, it could be terribly inefficient by today's energy efficiency standards.

Installing a new, high-efficiency cooling system can actually pay for itself in energy savings within a relatively short time.